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Old Boys Beach Volleyball Tournament!



Once again, the Old Boys are hosting the summers most anticipated event - our annual Beach Volleyball tournament and deck party!  (Emphasis on the deck party).

Saturday June 17, 2017 – 11am till you are done

Live music


Prize Draws

Old fashioned fun!

Enter your team, or as an individual – spots will sell out, and we already are on track for a record year!!

Discount team fee until May 30th, so don’t delay – registration form: 2017 Beach Volleyball Tournament Registration

Info to send your friends: 2017 Vball Flyer

Questions? Email:

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Old Boys triumph over Czech Republic 8-4

On Thursday, the Balmy Beach Old Boys hosted a visiting Ostrava, Czech Republic team.

After 2 tight periods of hockey, the host Old Boys managed to break open with a 5 goal run – overcoming a 4-3 deficit, and winning 8-4.

Asked after the game for comment, Old Boy MVP Jeff Tomlinson (4 goals, 0 PIM) had this to say:

“I didn’t understand a word they said – so I just kept shooting the puck”.

Following the game, the visiting team were welcomed back at the BBC, for a post-game reception and game recap – although we have no idea what the translator was saying – so we can only assume they offered kind words.

Thanks to all who came out, and to those who showed such great hospitality back at the club – a great international celebration of the game, and friendship.

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Old Boys Host Viktovice Steel April 6th

Come out and cheer on your Balmy Beach Old Boys as they Host visiting Czech Republic team Viktovice Steel Stara Garda.

Thursday April 6th, 3pm at Ted Reeve Arena.

Post game reception to welcome our guests back at the club!

Give our visitors a warm Canadian welcome!




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Final report

As the song goes “”The party’s over, it’s time to call the tour….””  close out party was arranged by Bobby J and held on the patio facing Africa & the Rock of Gibraltor clearly visible in the horizon.  This party held on the last day of each tour allows everyone to bring their half bottles, cheese, snacks & whatever you can’t take on the plane to remenisce about the past 19 days and accept the fact that “yes it is over” We then had our final meals by returning to our favourite restaurants.  See you all at BBC and thanks for your interest in the 10 reports dispatched from various parts of our tour. Until I see you at Toronto airport I send  final HUGS & KISSES to E L R S M I  and fellow readers.  zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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Report 10?

Anyway report 8, 9, 10 who cares they are being written.Just returned to room and decided to send what may turn out to be final report. A local recommended a Paella restaurant.  34 from our group attended for a dinner of Paella, octopus, pipi which is shrimp baked in scrumptious olive oil and garlic sooooo thick it looks like a geasy soup.  Served with garlic bread and a large spoon,  you fork the shrimp into mouth, then large spoon is used to smother the garlic bread already laden with garlic with the golden flavor of the olive oil and pieces of garlic.  We also had Sea Bream cooked in a manner I cannot explain.  The food in this area was meant for people who enjoy eating.  I’m sorry or should possibly apologize for what appears like I’m bragging but if you like food, fish dis is da place.  This restaurant to some people at first site might scare them off, but in the end foof triumphs all.  Pics attached tlls you all theremis to know.  HUGS AND KISSES TO E, R, L, S, M, I & fellow readers.  zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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Update 9 if I count correctly

2 days remain in Marbella.  Last night Hotel treated us with a 65 min high energy Flamenco concert.  Never seen one live before truly enjoyed the performance.   Post concert stayed too late in the bar solving the problems of the world with Jake, Howe, Tait and others who I’ve forgotten!!!  Weather a bit cool but still sunny if one sits in a sheltered area.  Celebrating this eve with a group dinner in honour of Juice’s birthday,  like we need a reason.  In 5 days here never experienced a bad meal.    Hotel breakfasts have any and all types of grub. Attaching a few pics.  HUGS & KISSES  to  E, L, R, S, M, I and readers.   For now zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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Report 8

3 days in Malaga and probably the most beautiful place tour has visited. Weather yesterday 24c  today 18c but sunny very hot in the sun.  Jake and I with our spouses and Tait just returned from dinner at La Paella a 40 year old restaurant family owned and run located on the beach.  It is very rustic nothing fancy. But the food oye.  Jake and I had sardines and others had sea bream.  It is cooked by putting the food on skewers upright about  a foot away from an extremely hot fire and one never expect the fisf to cook in this manner but oh so good.  Starters were avocado salad with crisp lettuce etc etc. and a shrimp dish cooked the most delicious olive oil and so much garlic that at first it looked like onions.  Eat the shrimp and spread the oil and garlic on what they call garlic bread, oh my lord, oh well I’ll reread this email tomorrow and probably go back again.  So many great sea food restaurants.  A few pics of our area.  HUS & KISSES to Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver & other readers.  zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 8

4 day river was fantastic and much better than Jake and would have expected.  First class effort by crew etc.  Weather througbout execllent and 3 meals per day well kilos added up.  Open bar service never held anyone back from accessing a beer or glass of vino.  We left the boat at 9am this morning and arrived at our destination Feldkirch at 3pm.  Long drive but very scenic.  Hotel check in followed by a short drive to play thr local Oldies.  1st period terrible down 2 to 0.  In 2nd goals by Darroch & Reiart tied the score.  In 3rd we pulled away with goals by Cosby, Johnston  & Reiart held despite a late last min. by our opponentsmade the final tally 5 to 3 in our favor. Up to their lounge for nosh and beers as well as speeches ended a most fun evening.  This game was particularly emotional for Mike McCauley as his brother Chris played pro in Feldkirch for 1 year and it was imp for our team to do well.  Overall I believe Mike was proud of the effort. It isapproaching 1am and I’m tired and will close off with HUGS & KISSES to my 6 grand kids & fellow readers.  Some views from the boat while cruising the Danube      źzivio

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 7

Reports limited due to spotty wifi.  Last day on boat. Yesterday in Vienna on a 9 hour layover. Some walked the city others took tours. Overnight we docked in Melk where some left for a bus and walking tour and others stay on boat and we motor down the Danube to pick them up in Krems.  Rookie party takes place at 3pm. Ship food , bar amenities second to none. Cabins very spacious and comfortable and offer over 190 channels,  but most don’t watch because why waste time in cabin and miss shore scenery.   Tomorrow cruise ends with docking at 7am and on to our final game in Feldkirch.  2 pics attached taken from da boat.  HUGS & KISSES  Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver & fellow readers   zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 6

A very quick note from the river boat DONNA. Just set sail heading to Vienna. We arrive in 16 hours and have 8 hours free time. Then back on board to continue cruise. A few photos att. Hugs and kisses to my beautifil children and readers. zzivio

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