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As mentioned by Zzivio in a recent email, just over half of the 2009 tour is in Croatia – which uses the Kuna as their currency. Below is a currency convertor, to assist you in determining the exchange rate. As a sidenote, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a few extra euros to buy your lovely web administrator a beer while on tour.

Also of note – according to – the average price of a pint of beer is as follows: Toronto : $6.04 CAD La Petit, Ljubljana: $4.32 CAD, €2.71 EUR Dubronik: $5.2 CAD, 24.37 HRK Split: $3 CAD, 14.06 HRK Zagreb: $2.84 CAD, 13.30HRK

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Countdown is on!


Four weeks today the plane departs on the 2009 edition of the Europe tour. 

Just a reminder that we are meeting at the club on Saturday February 28th at 2pm for a pre-trip get-together.

In the meantime, here’s your random information on Split:

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Howe To Successfully Execute The Can Opener

The Other Can Opener

With today’s new rules it has become tougher. The key is execution and subtlety. As your opponent approaches, you must hold your stick with one hand and guide it through his legs allowing him to advance so that your stick is completely inserted while bringing your other hand to his shoulder. Make it look like you are guiding or stopping him with that hand while staying in tight. He has no where to go. If he starts to fall, you must guide him with your hand to the ice so that there is no sudden, obvious, tripping movement. You must also be subtle by always keeping you eyes away from the ref and your opponent and pretend that you did nothing while quickly skating away. This must all be done in one fluid motion.

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The size of your bag

To all the players on this tour. Please note the last message from Liz who is assisting Nick as liason with Air Canada. Please send me as soon as possible the information asked for. Dimensions in either inches or cms, and the weight. You obviously don’t have to reply, but then you take your chances at the airport. I chased people enough for other matters and am spending more time on the computer for this tour, so I won’t be after you for on one. If you want problems at the airport, I urge you to ignor this email. On past tours, some of you have taken 3 sticks, well this year we are limiting it to 2 sticks per player. Since I have the stick bag I will arrange to have that info done. zzivio

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