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Photo Sharing!

Click the photo below to see the shared photo gallery and upload your photos.   Once we have them all uploaded, I’ll pick off a bunch for this site – but for now we are going to use google to hold the pictures until they are sorted through….

To upload, click ‘sign-in’ in the top right and use the following email/password:  / bbcoldboy

If this is beyond you – drop off a cd/memory card/camera  / oil paintings at the club….or email me your pictures….. you can email to get your pictures sent up….

Europe Tour 2009

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Last Day – Split, Croatia

Well here we are in the last night of the tour. We always have a party to rid ourselves of the snacks, wine beer etc that we accummulate over the last 17 days. The entire group is in my suite that I was fornate to get during the check in time 3 days ago.

We have had a wonderful tour and while some people were apprehensive about Croatia thinking it may be a 3rd world country, quite the contrary the food has been excellent, the people friendly, the casinos for some has been more that lucky, say lottery.

Tomorrow we bus to the airport and fly to Frankfurt then transfer aircraft to T.O.

I’ve had a few bubblies and can’t seem to concentrate on what I want to say but enough will be said when most of us come to BBC in a few days.

While most tours have been memorable, and I’ve been on all of them, this one will stay with me forever. We played in two countries few teams or groups visit and the hospitality cannot be compared to anything, altho Ljubljana fell short. Our group of 44 came together as strangers and the few who didn’t know each other now feel connected to the point where we shared a terrific tour. Now that this one is over, time will come in the next few months that Jake and I will take time to reflect what happened over the past 19 days and once again plan the next visit to the Europe.

To Europe we say adio and look forward to coming home to be with family once again.

Ethan, Lola and Ruby, look out I coming for hugs and kisses.

Luv to everyone zzivio

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Dubrovnik Update – Thursday morning

Well here we are once again from Dubrovnik.  I have been unable to send any messages since our arrival here on monday.  The web/internet service at our hotel has been down and we all think they have no urgency to repair.  We left Zagreb early monday morning and after a 10 hour bus ride with several stops along the way arrived in Dubrovnik a bit weary but full of p… and vinegar, ready to party now that hockey is over.

The Old Town, walled city is magnificent and really a must visit sometime in your life.  There is also a sad part to the visit to the old town as they have a memorial site in a room off the main square, that honours those who fought the Serbs during the war.  99% of those killed were between 17 and 25 so feel good about being raised in Canada with the small problems we have.

If you like fish, this is the place to visit.  Yesterday McCauley rented a car and fortunately I was in the hotel lobby when he was looking for another couple to join him on the outing.  We visited the wine area about 1 hour southeast from here and in the middle of nowhere ate at a restaurant which is featured in all the European guides as one of the best.  Just fortunate to have dined there.  Example, Mike and I had each 2 trout which the restaurant pulled from the stream behind the building and grilled them for us and along with local merlot etc ate to our content.  The ladies each had chicken and lamb, but I am having salivation problems just thinking about this.

Our drive down the coast along the Adriatic was magnificent and altho it rainded yesterday, today is bright and sunny.  People have been wonderful and while I am looking out over the Adriatic from our balcony while I write this, I just cannot describe and view and emotion.  Gotta stop this type of writing but it is hard because everyone has been pleasant and still no one causing problems.  Just as we want it to be.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the last leg of the tour on a 3 hour ride to Split another place similar to this one.  Tonight is our last dinner at this hotel for the group, where Red has arranged a dinner of grilled fish or a filet, plus vino etc etc.

While we are looking forward to getting back to Canada and our families, we are all still enjoying the tour and what`s not to like about it with all the beauty and gastronomic stuff available.

So I will close and start for the Old Town once again to probably have another plate of grilled sardines for lunch  along with a great local beer.

luv to you all    zzivio

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End of Hockey

Well the hockey part of our tour is over following our game last night which we won 8 to 4.


Our record on this tour over 7 games is 4 wins and 3 ties.


We have 23 goals for and 8 against, giving Rhora a 1.14 goals against ave.


With 15 forwards on the team, 11 scored at least 1 goal.  Larouche 4  

McCauley 3  McKellar 3  Palmer  3  Leonard 2  Little 2


Browne 1  Blackmore 1  Monaghan 1  Cormier 1  Purnell 1  Lipsett 1


A successful tour and from our last game in Poland in 2005, including

2007 and this tour we have played 13 consecutive games without a loss. 

A tribute to the Grey Coach who leads us in every aspect of the game mostly mentally. The team jelled with positional play, strategy, and overall exuberance.  This last sentence is from the grey Coach who is standing behind me with these instructions.  It is do as I say or else!


Our hosts were more than gracious and provided endless food and vino and beer from a free flowing tap.  Still nothing to report from anyone who may embarass our group, but then us elderly go to bed early, say about 3 am.


As I write this,  we have set a meeting up for 3.30pm to prepare for our closing party involving all members of our tour, because we lose 6 people who will leave us tomorrow to return home.  I didn t mention Dexter who played only 2 games before getting hurt, but I m sure our record would have been no different, but better had he been available as he was a mountain of strength up the middle.


Our Banana Skin awards night is a tradition which everyone looks forward to and I m sure you will hear stories and rumours about who the winner is and we also have the Men are Pigs award which I leave to your imagination as to who might win.



Luv  zzivio


Zagreb, Croatia

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Greetings from Zagreb

Another day followed by a late night.  We bused from Ljublana to Zagreb yesterday on a rather gloomy day with overcast sky and a light rain. 

It has turned colder but will warm up again in a few days.


We played our first game of two last night.  Zagreb took a 1 to nil lead in the first minute and then in true BBC tradition we poured it on and won by 10 to 1.  Everyone played well and for a change Rhora had little work to do and the few limited shots were handled well.  Post game beer up went well as our hosts were terrific.  We play them again tonight which will be followed by a traditional Croatian BBQ with a side of vino and beer.  We didn t expect this type of hosting but it turns out they are more hospitable than the last place we played and I don t have to tell you where that was.


As I mentioned earlier Dexter suffered a serious injury and after consulting with two doctors in Ljubljana, flew home to T.O. at the same time as we bused to Zagreb.  Unfortunately the Blacks will not have his services for the balance of this year.


Today we are joined by 6 charmers who will arrive at the hotel in a few hours,  and quite timely too since too much freedom leaves to much time for no sleep etc.


Still nothing to report on the bad behavious front and while it is fun to read of those exploits, perhaps we are all getting older and take less chances to act silly by claiming we are more mature.


One last thing to report from last night s game.  JP Cormier surprised everyone when he called  Mike Sullivan in Toronto and put him on the phone to talk to Dado and Roman, two guys who played for Zagreb in the game last night and were linemates of Sully s when he embarked on a pro career in Europe.  They talked for about 15 minutes.  If you thought Sully was wacko and funny now, man did they have stories of his time here.  He is a true legend and they wish more people were like him in this world.


Well  as Porky Pig would say,  TTTTHHHHAAAT s AALLLL Folks!


So off to walk the streets of Zagreb and see what I can get my beautiful Ethan, Lola and Ruby.  Hugs and kisses to you all.



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Picture Time!

Some photos are now available of the tour in progress:

Click here for the gallery

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St. Patricks Day

Well here we are the day after a St. Patrick day party.  Nothing untoward happened and we all had fun shuffling between two venues 50 ft apart.


Sad news to report from the tour.  Grant Dexter suffered a torn groin muscle in the game 3 back in Ritten.  He has trouble walking and is dealing with the insurer to try and get back home earlier than he was scheduled to do so.


We surely miss him on the ice, but in true Balmy Beach and Canadian tradition, the gap will be filled with others.  But we miss him in the fun aspect of the tour.  He has been confined to his room and we all share in his discomfort and ruined tour.


Today is our last day in Ljubljana and tonight the Rookie party takes place in a KGB type secrecy.  That party is traditional with our tours and every tour brings new surprises.  We shall report on the happenings tomorrow from Zagreb on our arrival.


That is when 6 charmers join us for the balance of the tour.  I have heard some grumblings among the 6 males invovled as they seem to have settled into their room relationships quite comfortably.  But I think it will be nice to have the 6 join us so they call tell us what to do, when to get up, when to go for breakfast etc etc.


Just returned from a brief walk and now off for breakfast.



luv to you all    zzivio



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Slovenia Game Results

“O Rhora”  wins the battle of goalies.  Last night we played the Slovenijan Oldtimers.  Their goalie was considered the best at his position ever for their National Team.  The players deserves kudos for their effort in this game.  Heading into the last period we are down 2 to 0.  At the 4 minute mark Larouche scores to come within one, then McCauley comes thru again to tie the game.  With less than 3 minutes to go, McKellar scores the winner on a fantastic effort.  Holding on was no more difficult than the game itself, but O Rhora stopped a breakaway with about 1 minute left.  Elation from our supporters who attended and then the post game party at a local bar went into the wee hours.


Not enough can be said about the gals and guys who are called our supporters.  They are not required to attend games and can do other things, ie sightseing, etc etc but enmass attend the games.  Their vocal support overide everyone else, so the players are extremely grateful for this.


Regretfully still nothing to report on the misbehaving front, altho

some are close to be fronted.   Jake does have enough info on people

who will be candidates for the “banana skin” award at our closing dinner.  Red is back on tour this year to give this night a typical Rouge brother fun act.


We continue to have good weather, and by the time you read this we will be into the St Patrick day celebration at a pub near our hotel.  We will report later on what transpired.


This email went on too long for some and I could ramble on and on because when you return to your home country, beautiful Slovenija and beat them on the ice leaves one elated yet with a heavy heart to see them lose.  Hope mother Mary and pop Paul Sr. are looking down from above with pride that I was able to convince  our group to include Slovenija on this tour.



luv to you all   zzivio

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Update Monday – Arrival in Slovenia

We just arrived in Ljubljana after a brilliant ride thru some scenic roads in Italy, Austria and finally Slovenija.  Weather has been terrific.  Actually brought too many clothes for colder temps. 

Yesterday Siggi and Hubert took about 15 of us up to the mountain glacier where we walked for about 20 min to a mountain restaurant and I had barley soup, just like Mary used to make.  The temp on the top was plus 5, bright and blinding.  We then went to the railway station that was currently being run by the wife of an old opponent from the Ritten team who passed away a few years ago.  WE had one of our jerseys made up with his name and number and had a brief ceremony with the two daughters and wife and placed it on the wall for all to see.  Then at night the Ritten guys hosted our team with a fab tasting meal where we jammed till the wee hours.


Tonight we play the Sr. Slovenijan team followed by another party. 

This never gets boring and allows us to meet new people and new leads for playing in other parts of the European continent.  Have nother to report about bad behaviour altho that doesn´t mean everyone is saintly.

  Can´t complain about anything except taking toooo much clothing for colder weather.   


luv  zzivio

View from Ritten Hotel

View from Ritten Hotel

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Unbeaten in 4

Landing in Munich left us wondering about weather.  Pouring rain etc. 

Bus ride thru Germany toward  Austrian border rain rain rain. 

Approaching Innsbruck rain stopped and overcast.  Entering Italy sun shine and scenery.  Tournament starts.  First game 0 – 0.  Second game

2 – 1 victory.  Third and fourth games both end up once again 0 – 0. 

Bottom line 2 goals scored in 4 games and Rhora gets 3 shutouts.  Goals scorers  McCauley and McKellar.  Grey coach Caterer frustrated in the inability to score altho Jake Lipsett have 4 chances but goalie superb in stopping all.


Lots to report in the way of fun, but I don´t have much time on this

computer and we are off to the glazier.   We have partied for 3 days

and the food has been marvelous and the scenery spectacular.  It is one of those you have to be here to believe the beauty of this place.


Tomoorow morning we are off to Ljubljana in Slovenija my home country and we will try and score a few more goals.



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