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Just read this in the German Newsite Spiegel….:

The latest official figures published by the German Brewers Federation show that in 2009 beer sales have dropped to their lowest level for 20 years.

Sales of all domestically produced beers fell by 2.8% to just under 100 million hectoliters. (2.2 Billion gallons).
Despite the love that Germans have for their bier – in fact sales have been steadily declining since over the past decade with the exception of 2006 when a long hot summer combined with the hosting of the World Cup to produce increased beer sales.

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and it is believed that the figures are a reflection of a sharp 5% contraction in the Country’s output in 2009.

The reduction in the number of blue collar jobs and German’s changing social habits are probably the longer term contributory factors that could result in further erosions into average consumption figures.

A reported tour of middle-aged Canadian hockey players set to dazzle German fans in March 2011 will be welcome news for industry leader Warsteiner who are counting on their affinity for all things beer… and incredible ability to consume it in large quantities to boost sales figures.

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So Close…..

For those on the 2011 Tour – here is a google map of the locations/spots on the tour……Also add to your calendar the Sunday Feb 27th pre-tour meeting at the club.


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