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Tour news continue

After a 6 hour drive from Nice France we finally arrived in Sitges Spain, just south of Barcelona.  The weather is 21 c.  The Med. Sea is just in front of our 4 star hotel and the waves just keep on rolling in.  We just returned from a Tapas bar the locals recommended and I cant describe the food the action etc.  We are here for the next 5 days and have many options.  Visit Barcelona, sit on the beach etc etc.  Bar prices would put the local Beach outlets to shame. Enough said.   Oops, food would put most restaurants in T.O. to shut down.  Seafood galore and great great wine

Im talking about Spain when I should mention Nice.  We had memorable meals, get togethers and a great party in my room the other night.  Have not seen any stars but who needs them when we have weather, food and great wines.

Weather since the start has been extraordinary.  I have never worn my jacket but resorted to golf shirts and sweat tops.

We cant say enough about our hosts in all 4 places.  We have promoted effortesly the name Balmy Beach Old Boys and they know us throughout this part of Europe.  Some may have doubts, but what the h. who will believe me.   Im not sure if Ill have time to send another email message cause too little time and too much to do, so to all keep shovling and will see you in a few days.

My usualy closing to my great Ethan Lola Ruby look out zzivio is coming home to give you the greatest hug ever.

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Tour news continue

I’m sitting at a computer in Ritten, looking out the window at the most spectacular sight of the Dolomites at 1am local time.  The party is ongoing and Mike McCauley on the guitar and Murray on harmonica are entertaning the group in the restaurant and on the deck. 

Once again we have a second place finish.  The team we beat 3 to zip wins the damn thing but they had 1 more point in the round robin tournament.  We played 5 games in 2 days.  Scores 1 to 0 loss, then a 3 to nil win and then a 2 to nil win then a 3 to 1 win  ending in a 2 to 2 tie.  We should have had a win but couldn’t beat the goalie. C’est la vie.  Goals  over the series Tomlinson with 4, then Johnston, Little, Palmer, Cormier, Shand, Lyttle and McCauley with singles. Our players all played extremley well, and anyone could and should have been an MVP, but the tournament committee chose Juice Monaghan and there was no argument.

Our hosts Tull and Karin at the beautiful Hotel Schonblick have been most gracious and late nights singing and carrying on matters nil.  Tomorrow morning at 8.30am we leave for Nice, France on a long bus trip, but we make our own fun and while it may take 7 hours to reach our destination, we have plans to  stop along the way and experience the beaty of the Italian and French coast line.

Excellent behaviour during the first part of the tour didn’t deliver  you the news you wanted to hear, but still, there are stories that remain the domain of those present.  If you understand that b.s. then feel free to decide what I mean.

Until we reach Nice, France keep the faith and to Ethan, Lola and Ruby big hugs and wet kisses and we’ll see you all soon.


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Tour news continue

Thursday monring and we sit waiting for the bus to take the group to Bolzano, Italy with a brief stopover in Innsbruck.  Our second game last night resulted in a 3 to 1 win, hopefully starting another winning streak.  Goals by Ron Little, Jim Shand and MAXimum Ron.  Another stellar performance by Rhora  ensured our victory.   The game was played in Berchtesgaden about 45 kms  from our base in Inzell  and is famous for the Eagles Nest built by Hitler and his cronies.  The post game party was at the local brewery.

Still nothing to report on the  activities becaue nothing unusual happened.  Sure there has been some beer consumption, but nothing different from a normal saturday afternoon at BBC.

I failed to mention the weather.  It has been spectacular with sun and temps in the plus 15 range.  Skiing was superb for the 7 that did take part and we are thankful no injuries resulted as the 7 included 5 players.

 The bus has arrived and we have to load up the bags etc, so I’ll close and send along another update after our 5 game tournament in Ritten, Italy.

Hugs and kisses to Ethan, Lola and Ruby and to the others, we’ll talk  later.


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Notes from Inzell Germany

Greetings from Inzel Germany.  Had some difficulty in getting to a computer and updating what has happened on this tour.   We arrived in Munich friday morning March 11.  Bussed to Kaufbeuren, about 2 hours south west of Munich.  On the way stopped at a famous monestary Kloster Andechs for a taste of the good ole brew and some pigs knuckles etc.

Arrived in Kaufbeuren and  the boys found a great local and this was good enough to have the lads and some ladies last out the rest of the day  The next day we played the local team which had 14 players.  At one time or another all had been members of the German National team or first division.  We started off with an early goal by Jeff Tomlinson and the lead seesawed back and forth until mid 3rd period where the boys simply ran out of gas.  We lost 8 to 5 and the other goal scorers Juice Monaghan, Ed Palmer with 2 and Tom McKellar.  Without the wizardly, if that’s a word by #O#Rhora  the score would have been much worse.  McKellar suffered a serious lower back injury and will probably miss the the rest of the games.

Post game party was the usual highjinks from our most entertaining group and I mention Maximum Ron, Juice, Tomlinson, off course our musician McCauley.  Kept everyone entertained until the wee hours.  Also on the strings Falcon Baker.

Dont  have anything much more to say and wish I could have provided a more entertaining report,  but there is still more to come and signals are in the air that we will have more news at a later date.  Tomorrow night we plaz Inzell and hopefully we can eek out a win.  By the way that loss a few days ago was our first in two years of touring.

Until next time,  zzivio      Jake was in the lineup and contributed his normal solid up and down the wing effort.

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Skype Howto

Alright – for those who have no intent on bringing their own phones, or who just want a great way to call home, stay in contact – here’s a primer on Skype.

1) You need a skype account to do anything (go to and register for a FREE account).
2) Whoever you want to call for FREE – will need a skype account as well.
3) You need skype – most hotel computers will have it installed for you, or if you have your own computer, you can download and install it for free. So if you plan on calling home using Skype – install it on your home computer for whoever is being left behind.
4) Skype for cell phones – if you have a blackberry, android, or Iphone – you can install skype for free on your phone – works the same as the full computer version, only you don’t need a computer…..
5) Call away! If you are calling from one skype account to another skype account – it is entirely free

For around 2 cents a minute you can also call to any regular phone number (i.e. you use the skype program, but it calls a regular phone).

A number of players have now created skype accounts – which will allow for free communication while we are in Europe with each other – (as long as you are using a Wifi network).

Only one more sleep…..don’t forget your european power convertors, white jerseys and socks….and passport….


PS : Any time you want to comment on a post – click on the link below that says ‘No reponses yet’ – it will let you leave a public comment on anything on the site…

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Orientation meeting Feb. 26, 2011

All preparations for our 14th tour were met and discussed at our  orientation gathering at BBC.  Air tickets, complete itineraries and lists of all hotels with daily happenings were distributed.  Mike McCauley and his crew of song writers, rumoured to  have been present at his home late the previous evening and don’t remember being there,  prepared a tour anthem which was well received byeveryone during a test run that afternoon.  

All that’s left is to wait for departure day and that means the start of a 18 day party, and of course some hockey in between.  We gather at the Club in the early afternoon of March 10, have a few Warsteiners and leave by limo/bus at 4pm sharp for the airport. 

During the course of the tour, periodic reports will be available on this site, so please check in and keep tabs on what we’re doing and how people are behaving, etc etc.  Of course we will provide you with details of each and every hockey game.


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