2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 4

Leaving Ritten was so sad. Had a delicious final meal, packed our bags then a wee party and hit the kip.  Sunday morn bus arr on time and saying goodbye to the hosts and others who came to see us off. I told they all came to make sure we were leaving. But not so, as this visit was #7.  Rather autobahn it was suggested we take a slower but more scenic road.  Extremely glad we did, passing thru 2 wealthy lakeside  places that the wealthy live either year round or seasonally.

Arriving in Munich early afternoon then off to Ottobrunn about 29 kms away.

We arr to be greeted by our host explain the program.  All gathered in an enclosed area at one end of the rink.  It held about 50 people max and were greeted by a city official. We were welcomed and served Prosseco, local speciality wine and cakes.

The arena is 45 years old, no rink side seating except for teams and officials and of course change rroms for teams. No roof. There were about 250 onlookers and they

all stood around the top.  The ice surface sits in a type of bowl with grass on all sides. A photo att will give you an idea.

Game ceremonies with National Anthems then game on with 4 on ice officials from German pro leagues. Three 20 min stop time periods. We prevailed 7 to 5. Goals by Darroch 2  Leonard, McKellar, Reiart, cosby & Johnston 1 each.  Post game meal traditional local specialty ??? Tasted great but don’t name.  Copious amounts of a local drink called beer avail.  As Jake said post game speeches OLD BOYS have been touring for over 30 YEARS and we don’t remember better hosts etc.  Playing outdoors had our guys wishing game could have gone on forever.

Anyway being called to get on with report ending as we have to get out take along walk thru Munich.  HUGS & KISSES to Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver & of course fellow readers. Till next time auf weidersein  zzivio

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  1. Hi there,
    it was an absolute pleasure having you guys !

    Everybody had a great time and people who came to see the game are still talking 🙂 So definitively great exposure for our club…

    I hope you trip continous to be a riot – and you get to have great experiences.
    All the best
    Henning (the guy at the microphone :-))

    PS: The food which we served was typical Bavarian LEBERKÄSE (sort of meatloaf) with potato salad. Just in case you want to order it somewhere.

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