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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 5

Free day in Munich. People on previous visits relaxed or returned to ols haunts and new rookies of which there were many made sure to see as much as they could. Lady beverage decided to part ways with me at noon to go shopping leaving me todo as I please. I decided to revisit the local market. This market is 90% food related. I was in dire need of food as breakfast was 4 hours ago I wanted fish as I was porked out. Found this lovely FISCHE MITTE meaning with fish & enjoyed ahealthy fish soup with bottle of mineral water. So darn good I would go back tomorrow but bus picks us up at 11am tuesday and drops us off at the departure point of our Danube river cruise. I write this after an impromptu concert in the hotel lobby bar with Mike McCauley playing his guitar and maximum Ron doing vocals. Full compliment of guests and our group made for an interesting eve. So 4 day river cruise then on to Feldkirch Austria for our final game. If no report until Thursday means no wifi on boat which I doubt. No photos as I forgot my tablet while on walkabout in Munich. I hear bad storm approaching TO. Since we arrived sunny and never below 12c. Hot damn what luck Till next report HUGS & KISSES Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver and all other readers. zzivio

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