2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 7

Reports limited due to spotty wifi.  Last day on boat. Yesterday in Vienna on a 9 hour layover. Some walked the city others took tours. Overnight we docked in Melk where some left for a bus and walking tour and others stay on boat and we motor down the Danube to pick them up in Krems.  Rookie party takes place at 3pm. Ship food , bar amenities second to none. Cabins very spacious and comfortable and offer over 190 channels,  but most don’t watch because why waste time in cabin and miss shore scenery.   Tomorrow cruise ends with docking at 7am and on to our final game in Feldkirch.  2 pics attached taken from da boat.  HUGS & KISSES  Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver & fellow readers   zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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