Report 8

3 days in Malaga and probably the most beautiful place tour has visited. Weather yesterday 24c  today 18c but sunny very hot in the sun.  Jake and I with our spouses and Tait just returned from dinner at La Paella a 40 year old restaurant family owned and run located on the beach.  It is very rustic nothing fancy. But the food oye.  Jake and I had sardines and others had sea bream.  It is cooked by putting the food on skewers upright about  a foot away from an extremely hot fire and one never expect the fisf to cook in this manner but oh so good.  Starters were avocado salad with crisp lettuce etc etc. and a shrimp dish cooked the most delicious olive oil and so much garlic that at first it looked like onions.  Eat the shrimp and spread the oil and garlic on what they call garlic bread, oh my lord, oh well I’ll reread this email tomorrow and probably go back again.  So many great sea food restaurants.  A few pics of our area.  HUS & KISSES to Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver & other readers.  zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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