Report 10?

Anyway report 8, 9, 10 who cares they are being written.Just returned to room and decided to send what may turn out to be final report. A local recommended a Paella restaurant.  34 from our group attended for a dinner of Paella, octopus, pipi which is shrimp baked in scrumptious olive oil and garlic sooooo thick it looks like a geasy soup.  Served with garlic bread and a large spoon,  you fork the shrimp into mouth, then large spoon is used to smother the garlic bread already laden with garlic with the golden flavor of the olive oil and pieces of garlic.  We also had Sea Bream cooked in a manner I cannot explain.  The food in this area was meant for people who enjoy eating.  I’m sorry or should possibly apologize for what appears like I’m bragging but if you like food, fish dis is da place.  This restaurant to some people at first site might scare them off, but in the end foof triumphs all.  Pics attached tlls you all theremis to know.  HUGS AND KISSES TO E, R, L, S, M, I & fellow readers.  zzivio Sent from Samsung tablet

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