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First day over and here some hi lites from friday. After breakfast sightseeing. First visit to the “Piramidi” one of only 7 similar phenomena in the world. Really spectacular. Down to Bolzano by first a century old tram then a cable car. Truly a special European city. Then back to the mountain to the mountain top town of Klobenstein for our first game of the tournament. 5 points won as we beat the host in this format. First period 2 to 1 for 2 points then second period 2 to nil for another 2 points then 1 point for a 2 to nil shoot out win. Game goals by Cliff Roberts 2 Cosby and Darroch 1 each GimpyBlackmore on atear with 3 helpers. Devo our rookie goalie stopped all 3 shoot out attempts and was stellar in goal. Shoot out goal by McCauley sealed the win. Today back to the rink for our next 3 games of tourny. Weather friday was sunny and warm and today looking my windowsee no clouds but a clear blue sky. Sad we have to spend next several hours in arena but we did come over for kockey. Tonoght another dinner includes more remembering and the more bar time listening to Maximim Ron sing the only 5000 songs he knows by memory. Gotta shower head down for breakfast and get ready for another amazing day the mountains. Should close by telling you all everyone contributed to our win yesterday. Also it was a real tribute to Duncan Hammond as the organizers had a minute of silence before our game. Enough already. Hugs & kisses to all especially to Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve and Iver. Stop having kids cant add anymore names best zzivi

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