WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. 19 out of 20 points wins the Old Boys the Remo / Duncan tournament. 4 games in 2 days and hard faught versus teams from Munich (Ottobrunn) Inzell, Germany Ritten Alt Herron (Hosts Italy and Val Gardena. Cliff Roberts leads the way with 5 goals, Cosby with 3 Darroch, Pierce, Justin the Swede with 2 and Bushe Blackmore McCauley with 1 each. Assists Darroch 4 McCauley Blackmore with 3 Cosby 2 then 5 with 1 each Shoot out goals Darroch 4 McCauley 3 Roberts 1 DEVO was outstanding in goal. 4 games 3 goals against. In the shoot out faved 18 attempts allowing 2 goals. Not bad for a rookie Onto other things. Players spent most of saturday in the arena while the spouses were actively helping with the Italian GNP. Our new hotel was a bit further from the arena but no complaints from the connoisseurs who were adamant the pork dish was beef. Go figure no rocket scientists in this group. I’m only talking about a select few. Waiting for your next game had everyone on the arena patio ensuring the Vit D was getting thru to you. And OH imagine Ted Reeve Arena snack bar. The Ritten arena serves sea food pasta, dumpling consomme soup, and other delightful gourmet foods. People actually drive for miles to dine in a bloody arena, go figure. The new crop of rookies have the old guard on there toes with no let up. Organizers pleased with the selections of rookies we selected to go on tour. Wonderful seeing old faces we have mer over the past 34 plus years of touring and tonight ax I write this 1.30 am local, I have to pack and in 6 hours board a bus for our next destination Gmunden Austria where we play one game sunday night. Many tears shed at the announcement of our dear tour companion who was on this tour until he succomb ed to that fatal calling “death” Evan you were a trooper and each day you shall be remembered. REST in peace. Hugs and Kisses to my offspring readers best zzivio ps sorry afterlong gd email my photo file isnt cooperating and cannot give some memorable (at least to me) photos

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