Just checked into bed following a wonderful post game party hosted by our victorious opponent, Skalica. Absolutely no excuses. They won 6 to 4. We competed in true Canadian style getting kudos from former chief scout for the canadian world junior hockey team namely Ray Payne. Their team made up of theoldest a 52 year old former national team player the others below 39 But 3 players aged 34, 34 ,35 that still play in the 1st division. It may appear I am making excuses but on the contrary I am making a point that no matter the opposition the Balmy Beach Old Boys rise to the occasion. They did however provide a grand buffet for group and we couldn’t or didn’t want to leave the bar. 20 oz draft 1 euro. Great wines 2 euro. Ate a meal previous night chicken breast with all trimmings and adding 8 beers 11.29 euros. Very inexpensive stop over. Earlier in the day our host had afew of us out to his vinyard and had 2 wine tasting. Trly memorable. Finally the game summary. Once again Devo outstanding in net and if mention anyone else other than the goal scorers I would do every one an injustice. Truly a total team effort.goalds bu Bushe, Darroch, Roberts and steveson. Helpers by Cosby (2) Lyttle and McCauley. Have to end this one as bus leaves early tomorroe morning destination Budapest for our final 2 games. Hugs and kisses to the heirs and fellow readers zzivio

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