Headline Budapest

Arrived around 2pm checked into a centrally located hotel. Stately old structure but renovated so everything works. Bussed to an arena about 30 mins from our base. Game not too exciting. Weak team allo3ed us to score 11 goals while allowing 4 due to neglect on the defensive end. Also goalie Devo on more than 1 occasion had to be reminded he was playing and not watching. Between periods ice was resurfaced only in our opponents end. Gracious host Gabor did make sure we were fed. He also promised tomorrow night’s game and our last on tour would be more challenging as this group was younger and eager to avenge their compatriot s loss. We shall see. Reviewed my emails and saw no one earned a behavioral comment. Such pansies. We still have tomorrow night. Huge presence of security in front of our hotel being set up. At the cultural centre 1 block south of our hotel the Polish and Hungarian Presidents will be speaking. The cross street 1 block away and at the opposit exit fron our Hotel will be the protestors. Both presidents have supporters and opposition. I plan on being there to see what will happen and pretend I am reporter at large for the Beach Metro News. I see the clock is striking midnite so close with hugs and kisses to all heirs and readers zzivio

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