The final game on tour was played earlier today. We won a close one 9 to 0.This team had 5 Canadians who are permanent residents of Hungary, heard many good things about them and watched their pre game warmup. No problem. The boys wanted to make a statement that Canada is still the and we showed it. Bob Johnston and a real tour veteran Maximum Ron Blackmore played their last game. Only one injury during our 8 game tour. Cosby suffered a severd laceration to his left earlobe in the 6th game. Fortunately the wife of 1 of the other team was a doctor. She attended to him, and 6 stitches latter back on the ice. So winning 7 of 8 games means success. Off tomorrow to visit the wonderful sites of Budapest, closing awards night in the evening and the gang splits. On sunday 16 return home for back to work projects while other 28 off to Marbella Spain for what we do best, studying the food and beverage it offers. I’ll drop a line occasionally from the sunny south of Espanol. Hugs and kisses to aĺ. Luv zzivio

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