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Champions Once More

It would be fair to say that 2 teams were triumphant last night – as the Dawgs captured the Thornhill Elite Gold Medal, and the BBC Old Boys captured the Thornhill Elite Bronze Medal….the other 2 teams were losers – so in a way, that makes the Old Boys second. Now, if we wanted to be fair, the old boys didn’t get to play the Dawgs in the playoffs – so it wouldn’t really be right to just call them ‘Champions’.

So by an interesting twist of events (and logic) – I am crowning the old boys as champions, or at the very least, tied for champions….call it ‘co-champions’.

The 5-3 victory ends the season, and kicks off the second season – no, not the playoffs, the summer – with many events and fundraising occasions before us, it will prove to be a busy and entertaining time off.

Thanks to all the coaches who came out, and to those who made it our for a quick beer post-game.

Watch here for news on the upcoming picture party (May 30th) and the Old Boys Volleyball Tournament (Jun 20).

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Presidents…and run at the bronze

The Balmy Beach Old Boys dropped a tough 3-2 decision to the hands of the Chiefs last night,  in the first game of the sudden death playoffs.  For those of you who don’t know what Sudden death means, it meant sudden death to the dream of winning the playoffs, as they have been relegated to battle for second last place trophy – next week at Sir Honourable Clacky Clatworthy Arena, in Markham, Ontario.

A road-wearied crew just couldn’t find the momentum or energy after numerous players were playing through the very highly impairing injury of ‘alcohol withdrawl’…..that and the dynamic line of Juice, Tom and Jake were mysteriously disbanded after their success in Croatia – with coach Ed Caterer making Jake a healthy (?) scratch for the 24th time this year.

Hopefully the skill and energy will be returning from Europe shortly, as the players have been here 3 days already.

Game time next Tuesday – 9:30pm.


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Unbeaten in 4

Landing in Munich left us wondering about weather.  Pouring rain etc. 

Bus ride thru Germany toward  Austrian border rain rain rain. 

Approaching Innsbruck rain stopped and overcast.  Entering Italy sun shine and scenery.  Tournament starts.  First game 0 – 0.  Second game

2 – 1 victory.  Third and fourth games both end up once again 0 – 0. 

Bottom line 2 goals scored in 4 games and Rhora gets 3 shutouts.  Goals scorers  McCauley and McKellar.  Grey coach Caterer frustrated in the inability to score altho Jake Lipsett have 4 chances but goalie superb in stopping all.


Lots to report in the way of fun, but I don´t have much time on this

computer and we are off to the glazier.   We have partied for 3 days

and the food has been marvelous and the scenery spectacular.  It is one of those you have to be here to believe the beauty of this place.


Tomoorow morning we are off to Ljubljana in Slovenija my home country and we will try and score a few more goals.



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