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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 3

Well bags r out awaiting bus. Onto Munich & another game tonight.  Arena in Ottobrunn suburb of Munich.   It is an outdorr facility used by the pro team. No roof but covered stands.  Now to rap up of tourny yesterday covering 3 games. Based on formula lastgame was for championship.  We had to win all 3 segments.  Came short.  Lost 1st period, tied 2nd & won shoot out. Lost the C. By 2 points.  MVP’s selected for each game.  They are  Leonard,  Reiart, Monaghan, Darroch.  MVP for tourny as selected by tourn organizers was Darroch.
All team players were exc. and we as supporters were not disappointed at results.   Blackmore & his alleged bad knee must have been rejuvinated by the hi altitude as his skating was vintage Maximum Ron.
I’m being harrassed to finish as the bus await me.  So sad to leave magnificient mountain area and exceptional food service we rcvd from our hosts.  Karin& Tull proprietors of Hotel Schonblick words cannot express our tks.
Att photo shows the Franchise atop the hochey gear.  So on to Munich. 
CONTINUED HUGS AND KISSES TO MY BEAUTIFUL Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver and all readers.  Just realized I should ask my children stop having children as the list is longer than the story.   zzivio

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 2

It wasnt going to last & happy to report something normal happened.  Moments before game Juice said he left his hockey pants back in TO & Shand left his jersey back in LaLaLand.  McCauley Returnning home from a visit down the mountain in Bolzano left all ID, moolah, passport, on the public bus.  A quick call to the bus people and half hour later all returned intact & nothing missing.  Now to the 1 game we played.  Opening the tourny versus hosts which is tradition.  Rules odd but effective.  2 period game.  1 point for either winning or tying each period, then 2 point for winning the shoot out.  Won 1st period, lost 2nd, won s/o.  Goals in game Leonard with 2, McKellar 1.  S/O goals Reiart & Darroch.  Goaler Rhora stopped all 3 attempts & was ace.  Party at arena til 11pm back to hotel oddly party already on in hallway outside my room.  Singing satellite music & dance prevailed.  I went to kip at one and finally at about 5.30am Hammond came back to our hotel.  I now hate music after listening to the singers sing off key for 4 hours.  You probably know who the singers I am referring to.  On the flip side I finally fell asleep at 5am for about 4 hrs sleep.  Having breakfast now as our 1st of 3 games today goes in 2 hours. The att. Photo from patio of our hotel. 
HUGS & Kisses to my beautiful Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver & other readers.

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 1

Arrived in Munich to overcast skies, rain & fog. Busing down thru Brenner Pass & into Italy conditions followed us. 1/2 hour from destination, sun appeared and greeted us. Every one behaved and we partied before dinner, thru dinner & after. Happy to report no incidents to share and this is thanks partners who came along. Today a free day until pregame pasta nosh for players only at 4pm then 1 game at 7.30pm tonite. Post game at arena follwed by a meal for our group of 48 then party on. Saturday tournament continues with 3 games starting at noon. I share a photo that I saw from my balcony this morn at 6am. Today 18C with little cloud. What else is there towant? For now HUGS & KISSES to my beautiful children Ethan, Lola, Ruby, Samuel, Maeve & Iver and other readers. zzivio


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Tour 2015: Looking Forward to Lisbon?

For those fortunate enough to remain on tour until our final stop – watch Anthony Bourdain’s version of Lisbon dining, it includes a few cocktails as well:



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2015 Tour Info

Now available – watch for updates as the itinerary is update: 2015 Europe Tour Page


Map of our travels:

View 2015 BBC Old Boys Tour in a larger map

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Old Boys on Tour Video

Thanks to Mike McCauley, we have a fantastic video of years past.  Only 2 more sleeps until we add to the memories:

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Ritten Tournament Schedule

Complete Schedule for the Ritten stop is now available:


Remo–Cup 2013

Tournement Schedule



Friday, 15.03.2013


Time Team vs Team
18:00-18:45 AH RITTEN - BBC
Ice Cleaning
19:45-20:30 OLD STARS GRÖDEN - SCR
20:30-21:15 AH RITTEN BAD TÖLZ
Ice Cleaning
21:30-22:15 BBC SCR
Ice Cleaning
23:15-24:00 SCR BAD TÖLZ


Saturday, 16.03.2013


Time Team vs Team
Ice Cleaning
Ice Cleaning
12:00-12:45 BBC BAD TÖLZ
12:45-13:30 AH RITTEN - SCR
Ice Cleaning


Subject to change

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One Week till the Tour!

Well I’m sure some people are getting their bags packed and Swiss Francs in order – with only one week to go, here is a map for those of you who didn’t get a chance to photocopy the map Jake brought down (or for those who use ‘computers’).,9.316406&spn=8.363094,21.643066


View 2013 Old Boys Hockey Tour in a larger map

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Europe Photo Sharing

All – I have setup a shared photo album for those who either can’t make the picture party, or want to upload their photos for sharing.

Email me for an invitation to view and upload photos:


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Tour news continue

After a 6 hour drive from Nice France we finally arrived in Sitges Spain, just south of Barcelona.  The weather is 21 c.  The Med. Sea is just in front of our 4 star hotel and the waves just keep on rolling in.  We just returned from a Tapas bar the locals recommended and I cant describe the food the action etc.  We are here for the next 5 days and have many options.  Visit Barcelona, sit on the beach etc etc.  Bar prices would put the local Beach outlets to shame. Enough said.   Oops, food would put most restaurants in T.O. to shut down.  Seafood galore and great great wine

Im talking about Spain when I should mention Nice.  We had memorable meals, get togethers and a great party in my room the other night.  Have not seen any stars but who needs them when we have weather, food and great wines.

Weather since the start has been extraordinary.  I have never worn my jacket but resorted to golf shirts and sweat tops.

We cant say enough about our hosts in all 4 places.  We have promoted effortesly the name Balmy Beach Old Boys and they know us throughout this part of Europe.  Some may have doubts, but what the h. who will believe me.   Im not sure if Ill have time to send another email message cause too little time and too much to do, so to all keep shovling and will see you in a few days.

My usualy closing to my great Ethan Lola Ruby look out zzivio is coming home to give you the greatest hug ever.

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