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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 5

Free day in Munich. People on previous visits relaxed or returned to ols haunts and new rookies of which there were many made sure to see as much as they could. Lady beverage decided to part ways with me at noon to go shopping leaving me todo as I please. I decided to revisit the local market. This market is 90% food related. I was in dire need of food as breakfast was 4 hours ago I wanted fish as I was porked out. Found this lovely FISCHE MITTE meaning with fish & enjoyed ahealthy fish soup with bottle of mineral water. So darn good I would go back tomorrow but bus picks us up at 11am tuesday and drops us off at the departure point of our Danube river cruise. I write this after an impromptu concert in the hotel lobby bar with Mike McCauley playing his guitar and maximum Ron doing vocals. Full compliment of guests and our group made for an interesting eve. So 4 day river cruise then on to Feldkirch Austria for our final game. If no report until Thursday means no wifi on boat which I doubt. No photos as I forgot my tablet while on walkabout in Munich. I hear bad storm approaching TO. Since we arrived sunny and never below 12c. Hot damn what luck Till next report HUGS & KISSES Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver and all other readers. zzivio

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 4

Leaving Ritten was so sad. Had a delicious final meal, packed our bags then a wee party and hit the kip.  Sunday morn bus arr on time and saying goodbye to the hosts and others who came to see us off. I told they all came to make sure we were leaving. But not so, as this visit was #7.  Rather autobahn it was suggested we take a slower but more scenic road.  Extremely glad we did, passing thru 2 wealthy lakeside  places that the wealthy live either year round or seasonally.

Arriving in Munich early afternoon then off to Ottobrunn about 29 kms away.

We arr to be greeted by our host explain the program.  All gathered in an enclosed area at one end of the rink.  It held about 50 people max and were greeted by a city official. We were welcomed and served Prosseco, local speciality wine and cakes.

The arena is 45 years old, no rink side seating except for teams and officials and of course change rroms for teams. No roof. There were about 250 onlookers and they

all stood around the top.  The ice surface sits in a type of bowl with grass on all sides. A photo att will give you an idea.

Game ceremonies with National Anthems then game on with 4 on ice officials from German pro leagues. Three 20 min stop time periods. We prevailed 7 to 5. Goals by Darroch 2  Leonard, McKellar, Reiart, cosby & Johnston 1 each.  Post game meal traditional local specialty ??? Tasted great but don’t name.  Copious amounts of a local drink called beer avail.  As Jake said post game speeches OLD BOYS have been touring for over 30 YEARS and we don’t remember better hosts etc.  Playing outdoors had our guys wishing game could have gone on forever.

Anyway being called to get on with report ending as we have to get out take along walk thru Munich.  HUGS & KISSES to Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver & of course fellow readers. Till next time auf weidersein  zzivio

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 3

Well bags r out awaiting bus. Onto Munich & another game tonight.  Arena in Ottobrunn suburb of Munich.   It is an outdorr facility used by the pro team. No roof but covered stands.  Now to rap up of tourny yesterday covering 3 games. Based on formula lastgame was for championship.  We had to win all 3 segments.  Came short.  Lost 1st period, tied 2nd & won shoot out. Lost the C. By 2 points.  MVP’s selected for each game.  They are  Leonard,  Reiart, Monaghan, Darroch.  MVP for tourny as selected by tourn organizers was Darroch.
All team players were exc. and we as supporters were not disappointed at results.   Blackmore & his alleged bad knee must have been rejuvinated by the hi altitude as his skating was vintage Maximum Ron.
I’m being harrassed to finish as the bus await me.  So sad to leave magnificient mountain area and exceptional food service we rcvd from our hosts.  Karin& Tull proprietors of Hotel Schonblick words cannot express our tks.
Att photo shows the Franchise atop the hochey gear.  So on to Munich. 
CONTINUED HUGS AND KISSES TO MY BEAUTIFUL Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve Iver and all readers.  Just realized I should ask my children stop having children as the list is longer than the story.   zzivio

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 2

It wasnt going to last & happy to report something normal happened.  Moments before game Juice said he left his hockey pants back in TO & Shand left his jersey back in LaLaLand.  McCauley Returnning home from a visit down the mountain in Bolzano left all ID, moolah, passport, on the public bus.  A quick call to the bus people and half hour later all returned intact & nothing missing.  Now to the 1 game we played.  Opening the tourny versus hosts which is tradition.  Rules odd but effective.  2 period game.  1 point for either winning or tying each period, then 2 point for winning the shoot out.  Won 1st period, lost 2nd, won s/o.  Goals in game Leonard with 2, McKellar 1.  S/O goals Reiart & Darroch.  Goaler Rhora stopped all 3 attempts & was ace.  Party at arena til 11pm back to hotel oddly party already on in hallway outside my room.  Singing satellite music & dance prevailed.  I went to kip at one and finally at about 5.30am Hammond came back to our hotel.  I now hate music after listening to the singers sing off key for 4 hours.  You probably know who the singers I am referring to.  On the flip side I finally fell asleep at 5am for about 4 hrs sleep.  Having breakfast now as our 1st of 3 games today goes in 2 hours. The att. Photo from patio of our hotel. 
HUGS & Kisses to my beautiful Ethan Lola Ruby Samuel Maeve & Iver & other readers.

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2017 Europe Tour: Babich Blogs – Update 1

Arrived in Munich to overcast skies, rain & fog. Busing down thru Brenner Pass & into Italy conditions followed us. 1/2 hour from destination, sun appeared and greeted us. Every one behaved and we partied before dinner, thru dinner & after. Happy to report no incidents to share and this is thanks partners who came along. Today a free day until pregame pasta nosh for players only at 4pm then 1 game at 7.30pm tonite. Post game at arena follwed by a meal for our group of 48 then party on. Saturday tournament continues with 3 games starting at noon. I share a photo that I saw from my balcony this morn at 6am. Today 18C with little cloud. What else is there towant? For now HUGS & KISSES to my beautiful children Ethan, Lola, Ruby, Samuel, Maeve & Iver and other readers. zzivio


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European Promo!

While the old boys are coming in hot….it looks like the crowds are getting ready for a winter classic showdown!

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5 Weeks until 2017 Tour!

Exactly 5 weeks until we depart for yet another European adventure!  Full itinerary: 2017 Europe Tour



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Turkey Time!


It’s that time of year again – the decorations are going up, the gifts are being wrapped – and you need a Turkey!

Click below to see the annual Old Boys Turkey Sale order form – don’t wait – get your orders in!

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2015 A-Bay Bus Schedule

1)      Cost $125 round-trip – includes to/from the golf.  For those meeting us there and taking the bus to golf and home – $65. (Canadian)
2)      NO DUTY FREE STOP ON WAY DOWN, AND NO BEER OR LIQUOR STOPS UNTIL THE USA – We will stop at the grocery store state-side where booze is cheaper than duty free and you can get food.  DUTY FREE stop can be made on way back to Canada, based on consensus of passengers.
3)      We are aiming to not stop until we get to the border – so pack food if you can’t go more than 3 hours without eating.  As anything, this is subject to change.  Also if you bring beer – PLEASE NO BOTTLES on the bus.
4)      Bring: Passport, clubs, bus snacks and booze, prize for the golf table.  Leave Home: Your drugs.
 Please note these are DEPARTURE times – not the time you arrive at the location, or the time you start packing your clubs in your car at home –please be there 5-10 minutes before departure.  Respect the other 20 guys on the bus and do not be late!
Thursday Sept 10th
10:10AM – Guildwood ( Navarre and Guildwood ) – HOWE, TAIT, REDWOOD, P. REDWOOD, JOHNSTON, PURNELL, CAMERON
Return Sept 12th – 10:30am(ish) departure (subject to change – but it will be mid/late morning after breakfast and check-out – so we can be back by mid-afternoon).
Return drop-offs will be at the same locations and likely an added drop-off at Kingston & Main.

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2015 A-Bay / Colonel Worthy Closed Golf

Weekend Details:


As has been mentioned, we are doing away with the Old Boys annual Golf Day and are aiming to join the Colonel Worthy Closed Golf Event in Alexandria Bay this year.  This will be a lengthy email – so please read carefully.  A number of Old Boys and alumni already participate in this, and it is known as a fantastic few days with the boys, as well as some added friends.


To confirm your attendance you must Email myself or Paul as well as Book a hotel room (as outlined below).  In the interest of knowing who from the team is going, let me know if you have already committed with Paul.



  • Bus to depart club 9:30am Thursday September 10th.  (you can make your own way there if you prefer).  Bus will be approx. $125 a person hopefully depending on numbers for entire weekend (more people makes it cheaper).
  • Optional golf Thursday upon arrival at a local 9 hole course.
  • Official Golf is Friday the 11th at 10:30am.  18 holes.  Bus for those who didn’t come down on it will be available for a fee (TBD)
  • Bus will return home on Saturday the 12th late morning.



These are your responsibility and should be booked ASAP.  There are 2 options that are used, The Ship has been the longstanding hotel, and in recent years some have opted for The Boardwalk.  They are about a block apart – The Ship is closer to bars, etc. however the Boardwalk offers a pool.  I know Zzivio, Jake, Howe have all stayed at the Ship in the past, while Ryan Redwood and others prefer the Boardwalk.  We do not care where you stay, as long as you come.  Again book on your own:


Boardwalk $80CAD+tax for double room, $75CAD+tax for single room 1 (888) 266 – 3735:

The Ship $45USD per person + tax (315-482-4503):

These are per night rates.



Golf is $60 including card (USD) – includes golf, cart and banquet!

Payable to Paul Babich in US cash only by  Monday August 24th   – If it is easier, I can pay Paul for you, if you e-transfer $75CAD to me prior to August 17th.

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